“You don’t have to be biological father to accept a child as your own” – Blessing CEO schools married men

  • Blessing CEO, a controversial relationship expert, has sparked online discussions by sharing her opinions on married men during a therapy session.
  • Blessing CEO advises men against DNA testing children of cheating wives, stating they should accept them as their own.
  • The brand influencer asserts that children are divine gifts and men should prioritize their well-being, regardless of biological connection.
“You don’t have to be biological father to accept a child as your own” – Blessing CEO schools married men

Controversial relationship expert Blessing Okoro Nkiruka, also known as Blessing CEO, offered her thoughts on married men during one of her therapy sessions, stirring debate online.

In a viral video, Blessing CEO recommended men not to have DNA tests on their children if their wives cheated on them, instead accepting such children as their own.

According to the brand influencer, children are God’s gifts, and men should care for them even if they are not biologically related.

It’s important noting that Blessing CEO married at 18 and left at 21 due to spousal violence. She was born and raised in Ebonyi State and gave birth to two sons.

In her recent ‘Moments with Blessing CEO’ session, she disclosed that men may accept their unfaithful wives and sons as long as they sit down with their wives and figure out how to proceed.

In her words, “There’s nothing to be ashamed of, own up, children are gift from God. You don’t have to be a biological father or birth a child to call somebody your child”.

“You have known this child, I think you guys can sit down and work this things out.Her revelation sparked outrages online as social media users shared their thoughts.

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Reacting to the post..

@midnightmarket.ng said, “Of course..most people here, their grandfather weren’t their great grandfather’s son but they don’t know. All those days before technology and farming till night. All the r@pes that happened during civil w@r. Please let’s not shake families with these DNA issue. Test your entire ancestry if you are serious about DNA”.

@hrm_cee.jay said, “She doesn’t sound sober. Is she okay?”

@gowon_official08 said, “This one don drink ogogoro”.

@ekmistry said, “E be like sey blessing don high”.

@mizkay said, “Coming from someone that’s supporting Judy”.

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