Why I’m having a breast reduction surgery – Eriata Ese reveals ahead 30th birthday

Popular reality tv star cum Instagram influencer, Eriata Ese has revealed why she would be having a breast reduction surgery ahead of her 30th birthday.

Eriata Ese took to her Snapchat story, claiming she would be gifting herself a breast reduction in order to relieve her back and shoulders. The quite busty Big Brother reality star wrote:

“My 30th birthday gift is a breast reduction. My back and shoulder will finally be at peace.”

While an ardent fan pleaded against the breast reduction surgery, Eriata Ese stood firm on her decision, claiming there was nobody who could help when she is dealing with the back pains. She added:

“Y’all not there when I’m dealing with back pain and reddish bra line on my shoulder.”

hitztv recalls Eriata Ese countered Nigerian author and content creator, Toni Tone over her post about physical attraction.

The author had taken to her official Twitter account to share a piece of advice she got from her mother and encouraged people to get married to attractive spouses so their beauty would make conflict resolution easier.

Ese who disagreed with this ideology took to her Snapchat account to share lengthy reasons why there were flaws in said advice.

According to her, she would not want to make a mistake simply because someone’s role model gave a bit of advice based on their personal experiences and urged her followers to do the same. Read details here

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