Why I hated my mother being a popular actress – Mayorkun reveals

Mayorkun, a prominent Nigerian rapper, has expressed why he despises the fact that his mother is a well-known actress in the film business.

According to the artist, he wanted to keep his mother’s name, Toyin Adewale, hidden for so long because he disliked her celebrity.

Mayorkun made this statement over the weekend during a conversation with Taymesan, stressing that he did not desire preferential treatment anyplace.

In a widely circulated video on the internet, the singer claimed that he never told his classmates that his mother, actress Toyin Adewale, was a well-known movie star.

Mayorkun claimed that he and his brother only wanted to be free, and that he despised his mother’s success because it came with phoney attention.

In his words,

β€œGrowing up, my brother and I didn’t like the fact that our mom was a popular actress because we wanted freedom, but with her fame came fake attention and all.

β€œI hated being treated differently, not because you like me but because I am Toyin Adewale’s son.

β€œEven in my university, people didn’t know she was my mother for four years. I was intentional about this.

β€œMy mum brought food to me at school once, and a girl saw her. I quickly ran to her to get what she came with just so no one else saw her.”

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