“Where the heck am i” – Hilarious reactions trails baby’s facial expression at birth

  • A newborn baby’s facial expression shortly after birth sparked widespread social media conversation.
  • The newborn baby displayed shock and anger in a video, displaying a straight face while looking at the camera.
“Where the heck am i” - Hilarious reactions trails baby's facial expression at birth

Soon after his birth, a baby’s face expression on social media caused a lot of people to react.

The newborn baby in the aforementioned video had a straight face and appeared to be both shocked and angry at the same time.

People who were amused by the baby’s expression were presumably laughing in the background.

Soon after the video appeared on social media, a lot of people commented on the post and shared their opinions there.

See some reactions below….

Demawu: “He is like “Where the hell am i? And who are they?”

user6467101184075: “Ready to fight with the earthly demons.”

Theresa Thorpe: “it looks like it’s saying Where the heck am i.”

user1061129584043: “that’s how I reacted e day i was born in Zimbabwe.”

uservkf4902izt: “He was born with a Comitmen and he must not forget about it.”

Mildredprado5: “chaill welcome to are world bb😂😂😂😂like seriously is waw here ooooh.”

daphny: “am I born in a rich family or not.”

mulela: “I gave birth last year June and my baby was yellow including the eyes, Jaundice.”

Laura Mk: “Oh that is a look of reincarnation shock if I have ever seen one!”

chamie387: “His like.. Is this what you call a home seriously, with these kind of people😂😂take me back where l belong.”

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