Victony leaves stage after getting embarassed by DJ, crowd

During Rema’s highly anticipated O2 Arena concert, Nigerian artist Victony faced an unexpected embarassment.

In a video shared on TikTok by user @duygu_0304, Victony left the stage abruptly after the DJ refused to play his songs.

Despite coming out on stage with so much zeal and passion to sing, Victony’s morale was shattered when the crowd suddenly got quiet and the DJ stopped playing his music.

The incident caught the attention of concert-goers and sparked a wave of discussion on social media.

After the video went viral, netizens took to the comments section to express their disappointment. Many felt that Victony didn’t deserve such treatment.

@sweetie said: “He walked off the stage so sadly I wanna cry.”

@Icter Shine said; “So na Rema do victony this one?”

@OBIGG KIM reacted: “Victony deserves the same respect that guy is a BOSS.”

@Martins ade reacted: “If nah naso dem wiz and David do rema he for no reach where him dey today.”

@AllONGOD said: “The DJ head no correct at all.”

@SWEETOW said: “Wait is it the dj or the people don’t want him because am confused.”

@Kt Hyena commented: “They thought it was burna since the songs belongs to his album but they were shocked to see victony.”

@Dave commented: “Victony na another boss likeee!! Just that the expectation of burna boy was much!”

@MADISON BO said: “If they won’t cheer for Victony I will. He’s underrated.”

@Lola Amanda said: “They really took away his spotlight so a dj could mix?? Sad to witness man.”

Watch the video below:


I was actually looking forward to his performance 😩😩 they have done him wrong! #victony #rema #theo2

♬ original sound – Duygu Z

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