“They want to break that aunty neck” – Lady’s unusual hairstyle at a beauty contest sparks waves online

  • A group of contestants impress with their unique and creative hairstyles in various shapes and sizes at a beauty contest.
  • A popular social media video showcases talented stylists creating distinctive hairstyles for their clients.
  • The hairstyles featured a chair-shaped design, nearly three times larger than the bearer’s head size.
“They want to break that aunty neck

A group of beauty contestants’ creative and unusual hairstyles in a variety of shapes and sizes leave viewers speechless.

A viral social media video demonstrated how skilled stylists created distinctive designs on their clients’ heads.

A chair-shaped haircut that appeared nearly three times larger than the wearer’s head was the highlight among the selection.

Others have straightforward looks despite having elaborate designs that set them apart from regular hairstyles.

Since then, social media users have reacted to the video in waves, finding some of the haircuts hilarious.

Watch video below:

Reacting to the post….

@damdy_kiddies said: “Which country is still making this hairstyles na? That babe carry a whole building ontop her head. Olo.”

@sandypreneur opined: “The one with a chair on her head…how village people sit down ontop some people matter.”

@adebams_bayur stated: “This one way carry apoti aje for head how she wan take sleep for night.”

@kay_o1 said: “Nah the aunty wey carry throne for head win. Based on effort from who make am and she wey carry am..”

@olu.fi_ reacted: “They want to break that aunty neck oo! Ahan they put house on the aunty head ni sha.”

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