“The woman is very professional” – Man in shock as he sees old woman still using typewriter

Man shocked as he shares video of an elderly woman still masterfully operating a typewriter in the age of laptops and smart phones.

The man was startled to learn that individuals still use the ancient typewriter in the present day.

He said that he saw the woman using a typewriter in Abeokuta, Ogun state.

Impressed, he recorded her as she expertly typed on the machine with all of her fingers.

“Someone at Abeokuata is still using this,” he stated in a note.

Here are some remarks from social media users:

vivacegraphics said: “They still use this in Lagos here 😂. All those affidavit guys”

ileri8190 said: “The woman is very professional for telling the guy not to video what she is typing…..Confidentiality matters..🙌🙌🙌❤”

jack_the_king_of_money said: “Don’t be surprised this woman is more intelligent than some of our women in this generation and she types more than most of our women in this generation bravo to this woman god bless her Hustle”

heyitzpearl said: “Feeling nostalgic remembering type writing, shorthand & business studies in secondary school.”

xuces__enterprise said: “They were some things in school then, that we were told to use just this to type it. So, yeah it’s still invoke. UNN”

Watch the video below:

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