The lowering of Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin into Royal Vault, built since 1810 (video)

The Queen’s coffin has been lowered into the Royal Vault in St George’s Chapel, where it will lie with her beloved husband Prince Philip after her crown, orb and sceptre were removed from her coffin so she could descend into her grave ‘as a simple Christian soul’.

Queen Elizabeth’s coffin came to its final resting place at Windsor on Monday. This completed its long journey from Balmoral Castle to Edinburgh, then from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall and Westminster Abbey, and then finally to St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

Her Majesty returned home to Windsor to be reunited for eternity with her husband, father, mother, and sister in the crypt at St George’s Chapel to the lament of a lone piper as her 70-year reign came to an end.

The Royal Family stood at the end of the short service as the Queen was slowly lowered down into the royal vault while the Dean of Windsor said: ‘Go forth upon thy journey from this world, O Christian soul.’ He also offered the commendation – a prayer in which the deceased is entrusted to God’s mercy.

The Queen has been put to rest alongside the love of her husband, Prince Philip, who was interred on April 17, 2021.

The Queen’s parents are among the members of the Royal Family that were buried through the Royal Vault.

Before she was lowered, Dean had placed her crown and other crown jewels on the altar before the Queen’s staff of office was snapped – signifying the severing of the Queen from her service in death. The Garter King of Arms then pronounced the styles and titles of the Queen as all power moved to her son, the King.

The Royal Vault is a burial chamber located beneath St George’s Chapel on the grounds of Windsor Castle.

The vault was constructed between 1804 and 1810 under the instruction of King George III.

The vault has been where many senior members of the Royal Family are laid to rest since the 15th century, preferred over Westminster Abbey.

Traditionally at royal funerals, the coffin is lowered into the vault through an opening in the floor of St George’s Chapel, before it is buried in specific wings.

Since its inception in the early 19th century, many kings, queens and other members of the Royal Family have been interred in the vault.

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The first royal placed in the vault in 1810, was Princess Amelia, the youngest daughter of King George III.

Queen Elizabeth II’s husband’s mother, Princess Alice, was interred in the vault in 1969, however, her tomb was transferred to Jerusalem in 1988.

St George’s Chapel

Watch the lowering of the coffin;

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