“The definition of a true mother” – Nigerian mother scolds daughter over ‘indecent’ picture she posted on Facebook

  • A lady shared an ‘indecent’ photo on Facebook, leading her Nigerian mother to send her a voice note.
  • A lady shared on TikTok that her mother contacted her via WhatsApp and requested her to send a photo she shared on Facebook.
  • The mother was reprimanded for her dress, claiming it was too revealing, which provoked her to express her disapproval.

Lady discloses the audio message received from her mother in Nigeria following her viewing of the ‘indecent‘ picture she shared on Facebook.

Through TikTok, the lady revealed that her mother had DM’d her on WhatsApp, requesting that she send the picture that she had uploaded on Facebook.

When she finally did, the mother was deeply offended and severely scolded daughter for it, pointing out that the dress was excessively skimpy.

She scolded her daughter asking her why she would post such a photo for the whole world to see, when she knows that she cannot wear such and stand in her presence.

Reacting to the post…

@nazarrr⚘ commented: “Thunder would fire you 100 times”

@Youfoundhim stated: “Unpopular opinion: blocking your parents till you’re married for your own peace”

@Piper Big dreamz remarked: “The definition of a true mother”

@dee_dee♥️ noted: “ahhh…this one no be first love o…better change that name to indaboski bahosa”

@OLUCHI remarked: “Your mom and my mom nah sisters”

@Dereks_page commented: “Now imagine say na this girl dance with omah lay, only the disgrace way she go receive from her mother, fear no go let am try am”

@Mimi penned: “All of them use the same line “ you are doing yourself not me”

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