Stormi Steele Net Worth, Career, Income, Biography


Stormi Steele is an American beauty entrepreneur who founded and serves as CEO of Canvas Beauty Brand. She is also a reality celebrity, most known for her role in the reality show Love and Marriage Huntsville. Stormi Steele’s net worth is $20 million.

Profile Summary

  • Full Name: Stormi Steele
  • Date of Birth: 1989
  • Born place: United States
  • Profession: Businesswoman
  • Net Worth: $20 million
  • Husband: Courtney Beasley
Stormi Steele Net Worth

Photo Credit: @canvasgirlbeauty: Instagram Stormi Steele Net Worth

Photo Credit: @canvasgirlbeauty: Instagram

What is Stormi Steele Net Worth?

Stormi Steele has risen to the pinnacle of success, as seen by her outstanding net worth of $20 million. Her career demonstrates that with enthusiasm, determination, and a strong work ethic, one can accomplish great heights in any field, including one as competitive as beauty and entrepreneurship. Stormi Steele’s success story continues to inspire aspiring beauty industry professionals.

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Stormi Steele Career and How She Made Money?

Stormi Steele flew to Huntsville, Alabama, without a plan. Along with that, she only had $800 in her pocket.

She started her apprenticeship at a nearby salon. She worked under a master stylist, who gave her credit hours for her licensure.

Then further learn about entrepreneurship while living in Huntsville. As a child, she had never been exposed to entrepreneurship.

At the time, she was inspired by witnessing so many women starting their own enterprises. Around 2012, she began making her own hair products in her kitchen.

She used to devote her entire time to creating hair products. Initially, she combined over-the-counter substances like Vitamin E and flaxseed oil to produce a treatment that promotes hair growth.

Stormi eventually found success after seven months and $300. She was able to create the right serum and began experimenting on her own hair.

Steele opened her own salon in 2013. Within two years, she was using her hair growth serum on customers. After receiving great feedback, she was inspired to sell hair growth serum online.

After retiring from full-time hair styling in 2018, she officially started Canvas Beauty Brand. In addition to serum, she produced a new product every month, including deep conditioners and shampoos priced between $11.99 and $50.

Stormi began investing in sponsored social media advertising in 2019. She initially spent $100 on her first targeted ad, which she shared on Facebook and Instagram. In just a few days, the campaign generated approximately $15,000 in sales.

Then she sold approximately $440,000 worth of merchandise in just two weeks. In 2018, she marketed her goods targeting the black hair care community, which had a market worth of approximately $2.5 billion.

Steele is well recognized for her role in the reality show Love and Marriage: Huntsville. She appears in Season 4 of the reality show as Melody’s buddy.

Stormi had a heated disagreement with Destiny Payton in episode 8, You Reap What You (Mar) Sau. The rest of the actors later intervened to settle the quarrel.

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Stormi Steele is married to her long-time boyfriend, Courtney Beasley. She met Courtney when she was 19. Courtney is also the founder of Canvas Beauty Brand, which specializes in natural hair care.

Her better half encourages her to grow her business by being a member of her business team. Similarly, Courtney abandoned his work to help his wife’s business venture. In 2021, the couple had a baby son.

Stormi Steele Net Worth

Stormi Steele net worth is predicted to reach around $20 million. She generated roughly $20 million in revenue in 2020 and considered it to be one of her most fulfilling years.

Steele’s Hair Company maintained sales throughout the epidemic by continuing to use paid social media advertising.

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