Stop questioning de@ths of Nollywood movie stars – Actress Rita Edochie says

  • Rita Edochie, a seasoned Nollywood actress, has urged Nigerians to cease questioning the deaths of their favorite movie stars.
  • She believes that death is an inherent natural occurrence that everyone must confront.
  • Rita Edochie expressed dissatisfaction with Nollywood’s controversies, stating that death is unavoidable and affects everyone, not just actors.

Rita Edochie, a veteran Nollywood actress, has advised Nigerians to quit questioning the deaths of Nollywood movie stars.

According to her, death is just an unavoidable call of nature to which everyone must respond.

Rita Edochie came to Instagram to express her discontent with questions like “What is happening in Nollywood?” noting that death is inescapable. “It knocks at everyone’s door, not just actors alone.”

She went on to say that because of their celebrity status and the impression they had on the entertainment industry, people react quickly to news of their deaths, whether positively or negatively.

Rita Edochie emphasized the necessity of honoring the memory of those who have died.

She wrote:“If teachers, doctors, lawyers, businessmen, and women, even pastors can die, then what is so different about the deaths of filmmakers?

“People, especially in Nigeria, often come up with questions like; what is happening in Nollywood? Why are actors dying? something has gone ‘bla bla bla: what has gone wrong?

“Are actors not humans too? Please questions like this are annoying and ought to stop because death is only a displeasing call of nature”.

Rita Edochie sent her condolences to the recently deceased Nollywood actor, Amaechi Muonagor, 62, saying that despite his greatest efforts to live, nothing could prevent his death.

“It was too bad he couldn’t recover from this illness. Amaechi, ‘your departure has left an irreplaceable void in the midst of my family and I’

“You were more than a brother and colleague; you were a beacon of light, illuminating our days with your infectious laughter and unwavering kindness.

“Your absence is felt deeply, as we remember the countless moments shared and the lessons learned from your wisdom,” she added.

Remember that Rita Edochie had solicited for support for the late actor a few days ago before his demise

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