Speed Darlington reveals why he prefers Nigeria to US

  • Speed emphasized on his challenges with feeling less like a superstar in the United States than Nigeria.
  • Speed stated that when he promotes his desire for s3xual hook ups on social media in Nigeria, he quickly finds willing participants, while reverse is the case when he makes such post in abroad

Speed Darlington reveals his preferences when it comes to dating and romance, explaining why he finds himself more embraced in his native Nigeria than in the land he has called home for years.

Speed discussed how it’s harder for him to feel like a superstar in the US than it is in Nigeria, he highlighted how this affects his sex experiences.

Speedy Darlington described how his celebrity status benefits his sexual life in Nigeria. He added that he easily finds willing participants when he promotes his desire for s3xual encounters on social media in Nigeria.

A photo of Speed Darlington

The singer argues that the ease with which he may meet s3xual partners is directly related to his notoriety in the country.

However, the situation in the United States is very different. Speed stated that despite posting comparable posts in the US, he receives no responses, leaving him feeling deprived of s3xual closeness.

As he candidly stated in a recent video, the disparity between his experiences in Nigeria and the United States has left him disillusioned and sexually starved.

Speed Darlington calls out lady for refusing to visit despite sending N2800 transport money

Controversial Nigerian rapper Speed Darlington recently took to his social media platform to publicly address an incident involving a lady he claims to have sent transport money to, only for her to allegedly refuse to follow through with their agreement.

In a now-viral post, Speed Darlington, recounted the series of events that led to him calling out the lady on social media.

He identified the lady as Blessing Victoria Nwachuckwu, sharing her full name and even posting a picture of her.

According to Speed Darlington, he had supposedly struck an arrangement with Blessing Victoria Nwachuckwu to visit his place on a specific day, with the intention of spending time together.

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