Sonko’s Daughter Sandra Mbuvi Claims Her Dowry Is 87 Billion

“How much is your dowry my love?” A fan asked Sandra Mbuvi aka Thickyy Sandra and she replied.

Mike Sonko’s daughter, Sandra Mbuvi, who is also known as Thickyy Sandra, recently shared some interesting information about her dowry on Instagram. Sandra, who is currently in the UK for her studies, engaged with her fans through Instagram stories.

During one of these interactions, a curious fan asked Sandra about the amount of her dowry. Sandra’s response caught everyone’s attention as she humorously listed out her dowry demands. She mentioned that her parents are asking for quite an extravagant dowry.

According to Sandra, her parents want 5 lions, 3 helicopters, 22 Bentleys, 4 Rovers, and a whopping 500 million pounds as part of her dowry. This statement not only showcased Sandra’s playful side but also hinted at the lavish lifestyle associated with her family.

Dowry is a cultural practice in some societies where the bride’s family provides gifts or money to the groom’s family upon marriage. While dowries vary widely depending on customs and traditions, Sandra’s exaggerated dowry demands is out of this world.

Sandra, who is popularly known for her vibrant personality and social media presence, often shares glimpses of her life with her followers. Her witty response on Instagram not only entertained her fans but also sparked conversations about dowry practices and societal expectations.

Despite the exaggerated figures mentioned by Sandra, it’s clear that she approached the topic with humor and for fun. Her playful interaction with fans reflects her down-to-earth nature despite coming from a high-profile family background.sandra mbuvi

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