Smriti Vidyarthi Breaks In Tears Live On NTV While Reading Rita Tinina’s Burial News

NTV journalist Smriti Vidyarthi became emotional during the station’s 9 pm news bulletin when reporting on the burial of her colleague, Rita Tinina.

Smriti struggled to hold back tears as she shared the news, showing how deeply she was affected by the loss. Her emotional reaction touched many people, and netizens sent messages of support and encouragement during this difficult time.

Rita Tinina passed away peacefully in her sleep on Sunday, March 17. Her sudden death shocked her colleagues and the journalism community at large.

According to police reports, Rita was discovered deceased in her room by her housegirl. On the day of her passing, Rita was expected to be at work as an Output Producer for NTV but did not show up. Concerned colleagues were sent to her home to check on her when she didn’t arrive as scheduled.

The housegirl said that she followed her usual routine that morning but noticed Rita hadn’t woken up as planned. Rita was supposed to be up by 8 am to prepare for her work responsibilities, including producing the 1 pm news bulletin.

By 9 am, when there was still no sign of activity from her room, the housegirl became worried and tried to get her attention, but there was no response.

The sudden loss of Rita Tinina has deeply impacted her colleagues and friends in the media industry.

The late Rita Tinina leaves behind a daughter Mia Malaika aged eight years and her partner Robert Nagila.

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