SHOCKING! My Boyfriend Always Warn Me Not To Enter His Bathroom, I Didn’t Know Why Until I Saw This – Lady Cries Out

I nearly destroyed my own life in view of avarice, kindly read and learn from my story.
I am Sarah, I was born to a family of 6, consisting of my mother, my father, my siblings and I. My parent showed us the way of God, and we emulated their example, at least I did till I entered university.

I was extremely well-known in my primary, and secondary schools due to my uniqueness, the manner in which I talk, the manner in which I act, and behave was in every case how my parent showed me, I was even nicknamed mummy pastor.

However, I changed after I entered university, I made terrible companions who acquainted me with new approaches of living one’s life.

I quit wearing responsible outfits, skirt, gowns amongst others. I turned to Jeans, and trousers. I got acquainted with their business, and which was dating rich Male students for cash. This was the easiest job I’ve ever done, while smoking, doing hard drugs alongside, I also began dating rich men, and each consistently satisfies me with money.

I started to carry on with my reckless style of living life, I scarcely conversed with my family, and well, I was disowned in the end. The friends I had made instructed me tuning in to guardians, family destroys one’s life, I didn’t realize they were absolutely wrong till I pushed myself into trouble. I met this young man on a well-known social media platform, and we got glued to one another in the blink of an eye. He was very rich that he got me a very nice car immediately I consented to date him, I was so happy, and was extremely glad that I tuned in to my friends guidance.

He had this gigantic mansion, and different exotic, and expensive cars, in any case, the most befuddling thing about him was that he had no job, and consistently says his dad was an extremely rich person even though he wouldn’t talk about his very rich father to me. Well, I wasn’t dating him to know his father, or his job, so I cared not, after all all I need from him was his money, how he got wasn’t supposed to concern me.

To cut the crap, he had a very special bathroom in his mansion that he always warned me not to enter. He always spends not less than 3 hours whenever he entered the bathroom.
I couldn’t understand why he would keep me away from just a bathroom, and couldn’t stop myself from wondering why he would spend hours in there. I got so much curious, and decided to check what was in the bathroom this faithful morning while he was out to visit his friends, luckily, I found the bathroom key in his wardrobe.

I opened the bathroom to see the shock of my life, I saw numerous computers, keyboards, many flash drives, microphones, earphones, I didn’t comprehend what was happening till police burst into the house, and I was captured. They claimed they traced his IP to the house, they said he was a notorious cyber criminal, and he has defrauded numerous individuals around the world. He told he needed to visit his friends, but he actually used me to buy time to run away.

They couldn’t find him, and I was released 6 months after they didn’t discover the proof that I was his partner.

NB: Please always listen to your parents, guardiance. God favor you as you do. Thanks for reading.

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