“She’s full of shit” – Doyin vows to never talk to Ilebaye in biggie’s house (Video)

  • Housemate Doyin reveals to Angel about a recent confrontation with fellow housemate Venita.
  • Rather than seeking her friend Ilebaye’s perspective, Doyin apologizes to Venita, sparking confusion among housemates.
  • Doyin expresses disappointment in Ilebaye, whom she defended numerous times, for not reciprocating support.
  • Doyin vows to cut all communication with Ilebaye due to her perceived betrayal and calls her “full of shit.”

BBNaija Season 8 All Stars Edition housemate Doyin took a firm stance, announcing her decision to cut off communication with fellow housemate Ilebaye.

The announcement, made during a candid conversation with fellow contestant Angel, has sparked widespread attention and a flurry of opinions from viewers and fans alike.

Doyin vows silence following confrontation with Ilebaye
A photo of Doyin.

The dramatic incident unfolded during an emotionally charged discussion between Doyin and Angel. Doyin divulged that she had recently engaged in a heated confrontation with another housemate, Venita.

Instead of seeking out Ilebaye, whom she considered a close friend, to mediate and understand the cause of the dispute, Doyin chose an unexpected path – she approached Venita to apologize.

Doyin vows silence following confrontation with Ilebaye
A photo of Ilebaye.

Doyin went on to reveal the depth of her investment in her relationship with Ilebaye, citing numerous instances where she had defended and supported her.

Expressing her disappointment with Ilebaye’s lack of reciprocal support, Doyin unequivocally declared her decision to cease all communication with Ilebaye within the confines of the BBNaija house.

She described her frustration, even using strong language, stating that she believed Ilebaye had proven to be untrustworthy.

Netizens Reactions…

jociepeters: “This girl needs to rest,na friendship no be relationship,if you’re not gettin the same energy you should rest.”

chioma___official: “This loud mouthed girl. Doyin should come home this weekend she sef don try.”

lauraoranika: “I told you guys that Doyins fight with venita was for own personal reasons, she wasn’t really fighting for Baye. BTW Angel has been acting so cool lately.”

okolipepe: “Anyone that doesn’t value doyin friendship will always have have people like ilebaye as friends.”

nnenna_blinks_: “That’s the reason she was crying more than the bereaved the day Ike threw off Baye’s stuff. So she could hold it as a debt on Baye if she doesn’t reciprocate that same energy. That’s why I’m always scared when people do things for me because majority of the time there is an ulterior motives and if you don’t meet their expectations that fakè love can turn to hate in a blink.

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