Rema’s Benin fan defends singer, explains history behind “demonic” mask

A Rema fan from Benin has supported the singer’s controversial “demonic” mask donned during his 02 Arena performance.

Rema, the youngest Nigerian artist to close down the prestigious venue, caused a sensation with some weird imagery he used during the act.

Because of the odd actions on stage, some internet users linked Rema to the Illuminati hidden society after the event.

The demonic-looking facial mask Rema wore when he made a big entry atop a sculptured horse was one of the most talked-about features of Rema’s act.

Despite the multiple charges linking Rema to demonic activity, netizens in his hometown of Benin have come to his defence on social media.

They revealed that the mask Rema wore on the show was inspired by Queen Idia, a hero in the Benin Kingdom.

On X, formerly Twitter, an account with the handle Edocentric_ wrote: “Queen Idia Mask/REMA isn’t demonic; as a matter of fact, she is a national hero to Nigeria and the Benin Kingdom. She lived in the 15th century. She was the first Edo woman to go to war. She defeated a giant for a son to become king She was the first queen mother in Benin.”

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