“Relocating is not cheap; let’s stop pretending” – Nigerian lady

A lady has brought attention to the fact that relocating abroad is not cheap, a topic that many Nigerians appear to be ignoring.

A TikToker, identified as @lizzbeth_elb, questioned when people would stop acting as though relocating is inexpensive.

Nigerian Lady

She claimed that she is frequently asked when she plans to leave the country and always questions them if they are going to fund it.

She noted how the easiest way to leave the country is to work hard to gain a scholarship and find a means to go to school abroad, which she warned that she is so lazy to do.

The lady mentioned how she had endured hardships during her two decades of education and stated that she was not prepared to go through it again in a foreign country.

She added that even if she manages to get her hands on N50 million, she won’t use it as proof of funds to move and live in another man’s land. The sole requirement for her to leave the country is if her family drags her there or a husband.

Check out some reactions below

Pearl Ime Inyang said: “It’s never cheap. But jokes aside if you have that money, try invest it in something that will favor you in Nigeria instead of traveling. No place like home.”

King Asalito wrote: “I swear she’s on point”

lifestylez penned: “Spending like 20m plus to travel. APC will perish.”

Fire man said: “Some people think going to other country is easy for people to make it. Maybe they think money deh flow from river. If you are lazy in this country, you won’t make it when you get there too.”


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