Realest truth everyone thinks is a lie- media practitioner Emma Ugolee backs US-based artiste who said Nigerians in diaspora are depressed

Media practitioner, Emmanuel Ugolee, has supported the Nigerian artiste who stated on Twitter that Nigerians are lucky to be living in Nigeria.

@tTtunez in a tweet posted today opined that many Nigerians living abroad are depressed and that it is better to save here in Nigeria.

”Nigerians in Nigeria don’t know what God has done for them. Millions of Nigerians overseas are depressed. I stay in New Jersey & I have to get used to this boring & expensive life. You’ll get to save more in Nigeria compared to the US, you’ll always live a happy life in Nigeria.”

Reacting to his Tweet, Emmanuel who is currently based in the US, wrote

” Realest truth everyone thinks is a lie”

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