Popular Tweeter Critic Daniel Regha, Is A Secondary School Teacher (Photo)

Daniel Regha, a popular controversial social media critic, has been discovered to be a public secondary school teacher.
The popular Twitter user, who regularly criticises and advises Nigerian entertainers, was caught on camera during one of his classes.

It appears that a student had captured the moment he was about to punish a male student on video.

He could be seen pacing around the classroom with a cane in one hand and his phone in the other.

Though the name of the school is yet to be known, the video of Regha as a teacher has surprisingly earned him appraisal from Nigerians.

In reaction Instagram user, t.cizzy_couture wrote:-
Intelligent Teacher

Respect to his hustle abeg.

See him phone for hand….he’s always ready to tweet.

Just watch how bigger school will call him to come and teach their students because it’s quite obvious the boy is intelligent.

The students are so lucky to have him.

Wow that’s nice, impacting knowledge in the lives of our future leaders, nice one.

Wow no wonder, I wonder where he Dey see all those grammar from omo the guy too dey cap on internet chaii.

He’s doing a very good job , without teachers we won’t have educated ones.

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