Pete Edochie eulogizes his friend, Late Former President Rawlings during his Burial Rites

Nigerian actor Pete Edochie has eulogized the late former President Jerry John Rawlings in the wake of his final burial rites.

The veteran actor, in a solemn message, has celebrated his friend and expressed that his demise is a reminder that death is a journey every person would take.

He explained that even though he was despaired by Rawlings’ death, he finds solace in the fact that they would meet again once he also passes.

The late President Rawlings and Pete Edochie becoming friends was really surreal considering their similar personalities. In a video, Pete Edochie said his goodbyes to his friend.

“My brother Jerry, your passing has reminded me once more that death is the ultimate destination of man…the spirit does not die. When my own spirit separates from my body, we shall meet again, we shall hug, we shall share out jokes. Until then, Goodbye Jerry, goodbye,” Pete Edochie said

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