“Our Legends Are Getting Old” – Reactions As New Video Of Veteran Actor, Chiwetalu Agu Surfaced Online

Netizens are experiencing a range of emotions after viewing a video of renowned Nollywood actor Chiwetalu Agu looking noticeably older.

The video showed the legendary actor taking a stroll with his son and wife, sparking a wave of nostalgia among fans who have grown up watching Chinwetalu Agu‘s iconic performances on screen.

Chiwetalu mentioned in the video that they were out for a stroll after spending too much time at home without basic amenities.

“We are taking a walk after staying at home in the midst of lack of amenities. We said let’s come out and exercise our bodies. Take fresh air and not allow the situation in the country to weigh us down. We have cause to be happy and excited and we shall continue in excitement till this situation is suppressed. We are eventually going to match the situation with our feet. We will conquer”.

he said in the video.

In reaction, many expressed sadness at seeing one of their favorite actors aging, while also showing appreciation for the legendary talent that he has brought to the Nigerian entertainment industry over the years.

@Like Felicity wrote, “Chai, this man is really aging gracefully. This life tho, nothing lasts forever let’s learn to love and put a smile on each other’s face

@Tinubu Don Finish Nigeria wrote, “Our legends are getting old. I miss this man so much on my screen. A raw talent

@Its Ticklla wrote, “Old age is real. You can’t escape it if u like do 100 surgeries”.

@Optimistic Winnie wrote, “Old age is truly a blessing. May his days be long with good health and a sound mind

@More Nike wrote, “He made early Nollywood so interesting. Thank you, papa,

@Stone Daddy wrote, “Our legends are aging

@Onyx Hair By Nellying wrote, “Such a lively man even in old age

@June Montage wrote, “So emotional seeing them grow old

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