“Odogwu’s Wife Is Here” – Queen Mercy Atang Says, slays effortlessly in Traditional Attire at Her Marriage Introduction Ceremony

Queen Mercy Atang, a reality TV star, raised eyebrows on social media after slaying in traditional attire during her marriage introduction ceremony to her spouse, David.

A video on her media page, captioned ‘On becoming Odogwu’s wife in a few minutes,’ showcased her smiling as she interacted with her makeup artist and friends.

Several videos connected to the story portrayed various situations, including moments from the introduction ceremony, the process of putting on her exquisite clothes and cosmetics, and her displaying her wonderful appearance.

Shortly after the video surfaced on social media, concerned individuals shared their thoughts on the media page.


Reacting to the post:

@adelakuntufayl: “The key lesson here to all men: The woman you push away and treat anyhow is someone else Angel and heartrob. Go where you are loved and make it your home! Congratulations!”

@du.me.bi: “This the way baby daddy will see me and regret everything he did to me.”

@amakajoy01: “Who else agrees that Nini’s is a very good friend to have around.”

@imo_signaturess: “God bless you for patronizing small brands they did absolutely amazing. Everything is giving.”

@prominent_ubuo: “See how excited I am like we’re blood related. I receive this type of celebration for my siblings this year in Jesus Name Amen. Congratulations Uyai Ekid Nyin.”

@aleesy_toria: “I’m so happy for you queen 👸…nothing is as beautiful as seeing a woman who has been through a lot because of love getting it right and winning.”

@sim_plyma: “Sweet girl, all she always wanted is to settle down with a responsible partner, she get all this over slaying thing , obviously a home girl.”

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