Nigerian student uses a hot iron to make toasted bread

A female student at a Nigerian university gained significant attention as she placed butter in the middle of bread, then used an iron to press them together in an attempt to make toasted bread.

In the video, which has garnered hundreds of views on social media, the lady (whose face was not shown) is seated on the floor with bread and butter in hand, while the iron is carefully placed beside her.

Nigerian student breaks the internet as she uses a hot iron to make toasted bread
Nigerian student makes toasted bread with a hot iron.

In other scenes, she holds the iron and presses it on top of the bread with the aim of achieving her goal.

Throughout the video, the iron is plugged into an extension box, with a plate of food beside her.

Soon after the video surfaced online, concerned individuals flooded the comment section with their opinions.

See some reactions below: 

Aama: “Put butter on the bread and put it inside paper then iron it.”

AYO is gon screw u: “The jelly go mess the bread.”

Niolla💞: “Use foil paper next time it works.”

Sd-Arewa: “If the iron start to dey burn cloth now una go dey vex.”

Choppee’s Nigerian LTD: “What we went through in bells sneak in your rice cooker baby kill 😂😂😂 is just to go and face Mrs Tee nothing more from there to SDC.”



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