“Nani Amepatia Akothee Mattercore?” Men Take Notice Of Akothee’s Nyash Which Has Increased In Size

Akothee is ‘tesaring’ men with her new coconut-size booty that popped out overnight.

The singer’s booty became a subject of discussion on TikTok after men noticed a bright future behind her while clad in a black dress.

“Nani amepatia Akoth marwa mattercore? Huyu atawasumbuaaaa,” a concerned netizen commented on Akothee’s nyash.

In a quick rejoinder, Akothee reshared the post about people talking about her bum as she wondered what had came of men.

Akothee however did not explain why her booty had increased in size over night.

Some wise netizens pointed out that Akothee’s booty had not increased in size but just that the dress and the posture made it appear bigger.

Hawkeyed online sleuths reckoned that Akothee was clad in a tight dress and that she was bending a bit making her booty come out as if it was bigger.

Akothee usually has fist-sized booty, the kind that make white men like and go gaga about her.

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