“Nakuabudu!” Jowie Releases Gospel Song Minutes After Court Verdict

Jowie has released a gospel song titled “Nakuabudu” just moments after receiving a guilty verdict in the murder case of Monica Kimani.

Uploaded on YouTube at 2PM, “Nakuabudu” is a heartfelt worship gospel song that exalts the greatness of God.

Drawing inspiration from Psalm 150:6, which encourages all living beings to praise the Lord, Jowie’s song resonates with themes of repentance and seeking solace in God’s mercy as he awaits sentencing in March.

In the lyrics, Jowie expresses his return to God’s embrace, seeking forgiveness and redemption.

“In your hands, Jesus, I return. At your feet, Jesus, I cry.”

This sincere plea reflecting a soul grappling with pain and seeking spiritual renewal amidst the weight of legal proceedings.

The murder case surrounding Monica Kimani has been a prolonged and complex legal battle, spanning five years with multiple delays in the delivery of the verdict. However, Justice Nzioka’s ruling affirmed the prosecution’s case, finding Jowie guilty of the crime.

Despite the conviction, Jowie remains undeterred, as indicated by his intention to appeal the High Court’s decision through his advocate, Professor Nandwa.

The journey towards justice is far from over, and Jowie seems determined to continue fighting for his innocence within the legal system.

It’s worth noting that in the same trial, Jowie’s co-accused, Jacque Maribe, was acquitted of murder charges.

Jowie’s decision to release a gospel song amidst such a pivotal moment in his life speaks volumes about his faith and resilience.

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