My biggest regret was pushing my husband to relocate us to Lekki

A married woman narrates the drastic change their marriage suffered after she pressured her husband to relocate them from the mainland to Lekki, the heart of Lagos Island.

In a narration shared by a relationship adviser, a couple had a serious drift in their marriage after the decision to move to a highbrow environment.

According to the married woman, their relocation was made possible after her husband made a huge money from a business deal.

However, their home stopped being peaceful barely a month after moving to the Island due to her husband’s change of lifestyle.

The man reportedly started clubbing, doing drugs, stopped eating at home e.t.c., and into a complete individual while squandering all the profit he made from the business.

β€œMy biggest regret was pushing my husband to move us from the mainland to Lagos Island. We were living in a two-bedroom somewhere in Okota and we were very happy.

β€œAlong the line, my husband hit a contract and because the money was huge, I got carried away and started pressuring my husband that we should move to the Island.

β€œWe eventually moved to the Lekki phase one, we only knew peace during the first month of our relocating. Right now, my husband has become a total stranger and started clubbing after meeting new friends,” she said in part.

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