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Occasionally you meet a young man in Lagos, Nigeria unbothered about fame and actively keeping his face hidden from any form of exposure. This struggle has been what has kept ABAYOMI TEMITOPE FALEKULO away from growing onto a phenomenal talent. Abayomi born in Lagos state, Bariga community of Nigeria spent most of his childhood glued to evening tv shows, assignments and his father’s speaker, playing sounds from King Sunny Ade, King Wasiu Ayinde, Michael Jackson, and Lionel Richie at dusk, I guess you should be able to imagine the quality of sound to expect from this background.

On his awakening, picking a stage name from the array of nicknames he had gotten from friends and family over the years became a daunting task. Finally, he stuck with his other name JUBRIL. Now does JUBRIL overcome the shy, reserved and quiet personality of Abayomi? Only time will tell. Most times learning an instrument is an integral part in any artistes musical journey although JUBRIL still plans to finish his guitar lessons,

“It’s not only knowing about what to do,

Knowing when and how

Is the main key.”

He definitely plans to add drums and the keyboard to his catalogue of instruments down the line. To him these instruments help define his type of sound; they give afro its eccentricity, pop its vibe and RnB the melody it needs to become an unforgettable sound in our ears.

“I plan on making people happy with his music, creating songs people can relate to”

Music is a form of expressing culture, being a Yoruba boy; adages, indigenous vibes and sound will definitely be heard in some of the tracks JUBRIL plans to distribute in the coming months of 2021. A lesson he keeps reiterating from his childhood is, one shouldn’t run from his culture because others call it local, instead he should rebrand and package it until they can’t do without it.

On dreams, he preferred to keep that vague but pointed towards making sure his sound becomes a go to track for that lovely person, that man in-love, that successful woman, that jiggy brother and rich aunty without leaving out the workers grinding on the streets of Lagos to Johannesburg to the alleys of New York. A debut track is slated to be released on the 12th of March,2021 titled “Heartsong”, a song that showcases the RnB proficiency of JUBRIL as an artiste. This track sure promise to make listeners yearn for a repeat.

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