MUSIC: Russ – Money On Me

“Money on Me” Marks the 10th Single that Russ has dropped so far this year.

Russ has been flooding the rap game with single after single since 2021 started. He kicked it off with a highly anticipated Lil Baby feature on “UGLY” and has continued to release a single a week for the past four weeks. After a four month grind that saw Russ chasing the bag, it’s fitting that the Atlanta rapper dropped his new release “Money on Me” this Friday.The song, with its low-key beat and instrumental, highlights Russ’s self-encouragement motto. Described by the rapper as a “self-belief anthem,” Russ declares throughout the song that he doesn’t need any fake love- he’s got all his money and faith in himself. He extends this mindset to his fans, whom, in an Instagram post promoting the song, he asks to always bet on themselves.

“Money on Me,” thus, is Russ enjoying the benefits of his hard work and faith in himself.

Check it out here and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics:

Bet on myself, and I don’t even gamble
Peep the financials, this is substantial
Skeptics in shambles, y’all got it wrong
Y’all opinions are dead, get the t-shirt and candles out
Oh, that’s your girl, why she fannin’ out?
Walk in, I bring all the cameras out
This isn’t luck, no, I planned this out

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