Mortuary Attendant Reveals Strange Things She Puts In Coffins 

Celebrity Mortuary Attendant Reveals Strange Things She Has Been Asked To Put In Coffins 

Popular TikToker Ann Mwangangi who works as a mortuary attendant has opened up about the strange things families have asked her to put in their loved ones’ coffins.

The Laikipia-based mortician talked about the odd part of her job in a video she shared on her TikTok acount.

Mwangagi said that families have asked her to put such things as a broom, a torch, a whip, a collection of hair of the deceased or even foodstuffs inside a casket.

The celebrity mortuary attendant also disclosed that some families even asked her to turn the deceased upside down inside the casket or to even put strings on the hand of the dead.

Mwangangi stressed that such requests are usually very weird for her as well because they go against her personal beliefs.

“Kindly note I do not partake in things that are not in line with my beliefs and professionalism. I can only facilitate the family to do it themselves,” she wrote.

Among other things Mwangangi shares on her Tiktok about her life as a mortician, she encourages young women who look up to her in admiration advising them on what it takes to be a mortician and basically shares videos of her daily life at a morgue.

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