Mind blowing reactions as Funke Akindele stumbles on TikTok dancers, joins them [VIDEO]

Popular Nigerian actress cum politician, Funke Akindele, recently stumbled on some TikTokers who were dancing and making a video in public. The movie star who was out with her twin sons, their nanny and her bodyguards when she spotted the youngsters dancing joined them.

Funke Akindele snuck up on the unsuspecting dancers from behind and began to dance behind them. The person recording was the first to notice the star and screamed before others joined in excitement.

Another part of the video that caught the attention of netizens was the actress’ young twins and their nanny.

As soon as the domestic staff noticed that the TikTokers’ dance moves were being recorded, she quickly pulled the twins to her and covered their faces. See the interesting video below:

After the video made the rounds on social media, a number of netizens reacted to it. Many of them complimented the actress and also commended the nanny for knowing her job. See video and read some of their comments below:

smartking3513 wrote: Funke na cruise any day any time

coral wrote: Wuna Dey notice oh …I was busy looking at how they expressed the joy of seeing Funke a no even notice say dem cover pikin their face till come here

commentshakers wrote: I swear una plan am…E ma dawa Lori ru nw

sassyinteriors_household.ng wrote: The nanny knows her job well

juanpresh wrote: The nanny knows her job

biz_with_Jessie wrote: Funke too funny

wadada86 wrote: Election done near

okwudinanifavour060 wrote: lol that’s sweet the dance Sha her legwork is

ololademiami101 wrote: If anybody observe well nna go see say dem dey wait make she come close b4 dem start to dey dance

its.cassie_mimi wrote: Make Nigeria celebrities thank God say we no get paparazzi like foreign celebrities life for don tire una like kanye west

ukainmargaret wrote: She did well abeg wetin you won use their face do, correct nanny wey sabi her work

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