Man sets himself ablaze following wife’s rumored affair with landlord

  • A Zimbabwean man has reportedly set himself on fire following his wife’s alleged extramarital affair with their landlord.
  • A man was reported to have poured petrol on himself and set himself on fire.
  • Silobela MP Jonah Nyevera confirmed that Onias Mangena had suspicions about his wife’s alleged affair with their landlord, Wilberforce Mukumba, for some time.
Man sets himself ablaze following wife's rumored affair with landlord

A Zimbabwean man allegedly set himself on fire over his wife’s alleged adulterous affair with their landlord.

According to local news platforms, the man doused himself with fuel and lit himself on fire.

Jonah Nyevera, Member of Parliament for Silobela, verified the incident and stated that the deceased, Onias Mangena, had long suspected his wife of having an affair with their landlord, Wilberforce Mukumba.

On the day of the incident, Mangena had a disagreement with his wife, so he locked her and their children inside their leased home before buying fuel from a nearby fuel station.

He said;

“On the day, he had an altercation with his wife and he locked her together with their minor kids in a house. He then went to a nearby garage to buy petrol which he intended to use to douse them in the house.”

Fortunately, neighbours heard Mangena’s wife and children’s cries and intervened, saving them before contacting authorities. Even when the cops arrived, Mangena falsely claimed to be at home.

Nyevera added;

“Since he had already purchased the petrol, he went into the house where he set himself ablaze. He was reduced to ashes.”

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