Making fans happy better than winning Grammy – Korede Bello

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Korede Bello, a popular artist, has stated that while winning a Grammy is an honor, making people happy via music is even more important.

The former Mavin Records signee stated that the reason artists want such big accolades is to gain affirmation that would help them develop their abilities as professionals.

In a recent interview, the Godwin hit creator questioned if Nigerian artists should rely on a foreign venue, such as the Grammys, for validity.

Korede believes it is preferable to have prizes for good music rather than awards, and the rewards can take the shape of economic success or return on investment.

He said; “There is a common pidgin saying that can loosely be translated to mean, ‘it is where one works that one will eat’. Part of the things we ‘eat’ as artistes is validation for our art. Validation for making great art is good. And, that can be very inspirational for others to make better art.

When an artiste makes it to the nomination list of a prestigious award, they are already winners in my opinion. Every other thing is subjective. However, I believe in rewards over awards.

Rewards can come in the form of commercial success or returns on investment. That way, one knows that the quality of what one puts in is what will determine what one will get. Awards are good, but knowing that one’s art makes many people happy is a better feeling.”

On the weirdest place he’s derived inspiration from, Korede said; “As far as I am concerned, there is no place that is too weird to get inspiration from. Everything is art, and everything can be inspirational. Pain is a beautiful ‘place’ to create art from. As a matter of fact, this question is already giving me inspiration for a new song. Is that weird?”

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