Lillian Ng’ang’a Refuses To Confirm If Alfred Mutua Is Infertile

Lillian Ng'ang'a Refuses To Confirm Or Deny If Alfred Mutua Suffers From Infertility

Lillian Ng’ang’a was put to task to explain why she didn’t get pregnant for her ex-husband former Machakos governor Alfred Mutua.

Mutua failed to impregnate Lillian for the 10 years that they were married. But her current husband Juliani knocked her up just months after they started dating.

Lillian while speaking during a recent interview was asked if she didn’t want to have a baby with Mutua. (Many people concluded the former Machakos governor is infertile after she quickly got pregnant for Juliani)

Responding to the question, Lillian beat around the bush as she didn’t have an answer as to why she didn’t have a child with a man whom she had been married to for a decade.

“Nobody is ever ready to have a child. I am very open to the world and all that it has to offer. I take everything that comes to my life as it is and it might look as though it’s out of the norm, but everything serves the purpose. I am grateful for everything,” Lillian said.

Lillian, who got her first child at the age of 37, further narrated her experience being a first-time mother.

“For now, I can’t think about having other babies but motherhood has brought a different love and more responsibilities and I now want to work even harder for them and learn so much.”

Speaking on her marriage, Lillian said;

“My one year with Juliani has been very easy and that is how love should be. It should be easy as breathing. I like it because, this is a person who wants the best for me above everything else,” she said.

Asked if she planned on having a baby with Juliani, Lillian said;

“Everything happens for a reason and it’s very rare to sit down and agree that we gonna get children in July. But now that the baby is here, I wouldn’t change it for anything. It is the best thing to ever happen in my life. I am the happiest mother in the world.”

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