Lil Durk Predicts Jack Harlow’s First Week Sales

Lil Durk is giving Jack Harlow some high praise heading into this weekend.
Jack Harlow is going to have a big night as in just a few hours, he will be dropping his brand new album Come Home The Kids Miss You. This is a project that fans have been waiting patiently for, and with the single “First Class” hitting the top of the charts last week, there is no doubt that there is a lot of anticipation for whatever Harlow is about to release.

Over the last few years especially, first week sales numbers have become a huge talking point in terms of the success of a given project. In hip-hop, these numbers are more meaningful than ever before as artists want to make a good impression, all while showing their peers that they are bigger than the rest.

With Harlow’s album dropping soon, many are starting to contemplate what Harlow will sell in his first week. He is bigger than ever right now, and he has managed to attract a more mainstream pop audience. With that being said, six digits are almost guaranteed for his new record.

Lil Durk seems to agree with that assessment as he recently took to Twitter with his prediction for the album. As you will see, he has big aspirations for his friend. “Told jack harlow couple days ago he gone do 200k first week,” Durk wrote.

Durk knows a thing or two about impressive sales numbers as 7220 did 120k units in its first week. Harlow already has two massive songs, which means there is no doubt he is about to have an impressive showing.

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