“Leave Allysyn’s name out your hateful mouths” — Hermes fumes after declaring relationship platonic

Hermes Iyele, a popular reality star, has expressed dissatisfaction with netizens’ reactions to his declaration of a platonic relationship with his ex-love interest, Allysyn.

The dancer had revealed on his social media page that he and Allysyn had no romantic relationship, only friendship.

Following his announcement, detractors began to mock Allysyn for allowing herself to be used by Hermes while knowing full well that he was in a relationship with two women.

Hermes slammed critics who refused to let his friend be.

Taking to his Twitter page, he wrote:

Y’all leave #allysyn’s name out your hateful mouths and tweets with all that bull. She remains a genuinely good human. Thought to put this out before I let it rest. Sheoon deserve all this hateful s##t y’all be onto. #rest abeg

Hermes Iyele

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