Lady cries out after he daughter’s hair was scraped off by mother

Many internet users are currently in a fit of rage as a lady posts a video of her daughter’s hair before and after being cut off by her mother.

She posted the  video which has now gone viral to her TikTok page, @tawanatr.

From her explanation in another video, she revealed her daughter had gone to spend some time with her mother as was their weekend ritual but to her greatest surprise, she came back bald this time around.

She revealed that in Zimbabwean culture, it is normal for children to have their birth hair cut off to make room for better hair.

Netizens rage as lady shares how her mother cut off her daughter’s hair

However, since they were abroad, she didn’t subscribe to that and she assumed her mother didn’t as well.

Her pain was intensified when she realized her mother had entrusted her younger brother with the task of cutting the hair.

Although, many social media users encouraged her to hit her mother or get angry, she revealed she couldn’t do so as the deed had already been done and fighting wouldn’t bring it back.

More importantly, her daughter seemed happy with the situation as her scalp had been itching her for a while.

Watch video here


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