Lady appeals to women to not divorce husbands over cheating

Nigerian lady passionately questions other women over their choice to divorce their husbands for cheating on them.

The businesswoman took to her page to tackle married women who left their matrimonial homes because they got cheated on.

According to her, the grass is not greener on the other side and cheating alone should not be a prerequisite for divorce.

She holds the opinion that unless it gets more complicated with domestic violence or the man doesn’t provide for the family, leaving the man shouldn’t be an option.

“Where is the space for forgiveness” — Lady questions Nigerian women who divorce cheating husbands

She also claims that though there are men who do not cheat, they are a few minority and it takes the grace of God for a man not to cheat.

Many women have based her under the post, disagreeing with her opinion.

Watch the video here

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