Kevin Durant Defends Calling Himself A “God” Following Sweep

KD has experienced an array of trolls today.
Kevin Durant and his Brooklyn Nets were kicked out of the playoffs on Monday night following a loss to the Boston Celtics. They were swept in just four games, which led to a lot of slander on social media. In fact, KD had to hear it from the likes of Charles Barkley who told KD that he can’t carry a team on his own and that he is basically a ring chaser.

KD did not like this and it led to him taking to Instagram where he showcased Barkley doing the exact same thing on the Houston Rockets, where he played with none other than Hakeem Olajuwon and Scottie Pippen.

Following this post, NBA reporter Rob Perez commented on how this wasn’t the best course of action as now, the NBA on TNT producers will have plenty of time to roast KD right back. This prompted a response from Durant who said “An army of producers against the god. Just Another Tuesday.”

Of course, fans were incredulous at the fact that KD would call himself a God following such a horrendous first-round performance. KD did not care, however, as he replied to one fan, saying “I don’t get why you guys are so mad at what I call myself. It’s about good affirmations right? Be happy for me.”

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