Jaiye Kuti hilariously calls out Biola Adebayo for sleeping in her baby’s cot, bassinet [VIDEO]

Nigerian actress, Biola Adebayo has sparked reactions among her fans and colleagues with her unbelievably funny action in her recent post.

The Yoruba movie star took to her Instagram page to express her frustration over her son’s refusal to use his baby cot and bassinet because he prefers sleeping in her bed with her. 

So as not to let the expensive bassinet and cot go to waste, Biola Bayo found an interesting use for it. Because of her petite stature, she was able to successfully squeeze herself into her son’s bed. Biola Bayo wrote:

“How can I spend so much buying a baby cot, baby bassinet you will not sleep there only to be dragging bed with us? Lailai you can not waste my money… I’ll use them myself 🤪🤪🤪

@Jayeola_monje grandma, how far? 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️.”

Reacting to it, her senior colleague, Jaiye Kuti who Biola Bayo revealed bought the baby cot for her son chastised her action.

Jaiye Kuti reposted the video with the caption:

“What’s the matter with Biola?

Egbami ke, Ninu baby bed🙄🙄

Biola Biola Biola how many times did I call you?”

Responding Biola Bayo wrote:

“I didn’t count how many times o🤪🤪🤪 se I shuu allow your money to waste ni? E wo mo nkan epp yin ni o🤪🤪.”

Others took to the comments to express their shock. See video and comments below:

Allwell Ademola wrote: Shebi it’s because you are size kolie, let me come and try it, the whole baby cot will tear.

Kiekie wrote: wonder what?! Wonderful

Wumi Toriola wrote: Agbaya

Aisha Lawal wrote: Ahhhhhhh Mummyyyy whyyyyy. Get out jooo

Toyin Abraham wrote: Ode ni Biola 

Ayo Mogaji wrote: Jealousy Jealousy Mcheeew. Just let my Irewamiri enjoy himself 

Jaiye Kuti wrote: Biola you will see my trouble. I’ll be in Lagos soon. Iru jagbajagba wo re ke? Eyin abiamo egbami lowo biola oo 

@olabisi_okunlol: Story of my life, I regret buying baby bed ooo cos my baby didn’t sleep inside it at all but how did you fit in so perfectly 

@bridgetie28 wrote: How did you even fit inside this thing sef 

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