“It’s halal to marry more than one wife” – Lady defends her statements by quoting a chapter from the Quran

  • Nigerian lady Tinuke Vibes, who went viral for stating that her husband should marry four wives, has now clarified her statement after receiving online criticism.
  • A Muslim lady expressed her considerate nature, arguing that her man cannot marry her alone due to the gender disparity between men and women.

After receiving backlash online for her statement that her husband must marry four wives, Tinuke Vibes, a Nigerian lady who became viral, took to the internet to clarify her position.

A few days ago, the Muslim woman claimed that while she is a kind person, her spouse cannot marry her on his own. She supported her claim by drawing comparisons between the population of men and women.

She further revealed that she is not a conceited individual who is unwilling to share her partner with other ladies who would like to marry him.

She emphasized that women should accept polygamy and allow wealthy and comfortable men to marry them as second, third, and fourth wives.

Atinuke defends her statements by quoting a chapter from the Quran after being dragged by numerous people who believed she was having an affair with someone’s husband.In response to Muslim criticism, Atinuke recited Surah An-Nisa, Quran 4:3, wherein Almighty Allah declared that it is Halal, or allowed, for a man to marry two, three, or four wives.

Tinuke Vibes responded to the Christians who are also severely criticizing her by revealing that Jacob had four wives and Abraham had three wives.

She asserted that while many Nigerian women aspire to a lifestyle similar to Regina Daniels’, polygamy is not something they want.

She said in closing that women should get into polygamy with men who are rich enough to taker care of them

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zheelion: She didn’t read the part of the same Quran that doesn’t allow her to wear tight fitting clothes??? Everybody sha wan trend . Ogaaaaa!

simisanyaa: Please Stick to breaking down your religion that you fully understand and leave Christianity out of it .

ponmo_ijebuamerica: Werey just say you are dating another woman’s husband .

real.ibrahim.aliyu: Choose your wives in two, three or four but if you can’t maintain justice among them marry only one.

_.shuqroh: This one is about to Marry person husband .

tonyartworks: My people are perish for lack of knowledge. In the beginning God made them male and female. Abraham, Jacob etc were all disobedient and not a good example for Christians or anyone regarding marriage, we can emulate their good behaviour but not the bad one. Jesus is the author and the finisher of our faith.

tiwa_special_: There is nothing bad in second wife That is why some ladies are still single at 30,35,40 because they don’t want to be second wife.

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