“It was because of Davido you married Israel” – Blessing CEO slams Israel DMW ex-wife Sheila

Blessing CEO, a popular relationship therapist, claims Israel DMW’s wife, Sheila, only married him for his connection to Davido and that the only thing she could offer him was her alleged virginity.

The marriage of Davido’s PA Israel DMW and Sheila had ended in divorce, according to news that broke out a few weeks ago.

Israel DMW claimed Sheila was criticising his relationship and servant-like behaviour in the presence of his boss, Davido.

Blessing CEO, a controversial socialite, believes that the 21-year-old only married Israel because of Davido.

In a video addressed to Sheila, she asked if she was unaware of his behaviour and excessive devotion to Davido before marrying him.

Blessing CEO emphasized that it had been Israel’s loyal behavior and public display of it that had made him famous among Nigerians.

She concludes that Israel hadn’t been the target of her love and motive for marriage, but she got married to the Benin-born because of his accessibility to Davido.

Watch her speak below:

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