Island based ladies claim there are no baddies on the mainland

Island based ladies cause uproar on the internet with their claim on a podcast that there are no baddies on Lagos mainland.

The two ladies who are co-hosts on the rated18 podcast, agreed that baddies are only found on the Island.

According to them, Mainland is only meant for civil servants and business owners.

“Na old mama dey call herself baddie” — Reactions as Island based ladies claim there are no baddies on the mainland

They claim that anybody who lives on the mainland and claims to be a baddie is a liar.

The ladies further dragged ladies who claimed to be baddies but save up to buy a wig or other expensive items for themselves.

This video did not please many internet users and they took to the comments to share their thoughts.

See some reactions to the video below

@Samuell_Black said: “Na old mama dey call herself baddie, what won’t we see 😂”

@_DeejustDee wrote: “Coming from people sharing apartments with 101 others, see her sponge wig sef”

@atandnario1 stated: “In summary, mainland Ashawo cannot level up to Island Ashawo”

@RaeysApparel added: “Atleast mainland baddies no Dey use brown water baff 💀”

@Aya_Aya_Emiko added: “The level of education in Nigeria is so poor cause, I’m sure these ones have university degrees but, the stench of illiteracy oozing from this entire clip is nauseating. The way they talk, their appearance, body language, mentality… It’s all so awful.”

@Lord_of_Azul asked: “What is this useless podcast all about than always bringing down people or talking trash”

Watch video here

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