Is There Any Reason Why Kareem Benzema Might Not Win The Next Ballon D’or?

Football is not a game of luck, the players are better than the other and it can be seen as we watch matches every time.
The past Ballon D’Or winners are strong fighters who eventually struggle among other players to win the prize but this season seems to take a new dimension in football.

The in-form Real Madrid striker, Benzema without a doubt is the best footballer in the world at the moment.

He is clearly above others and it will take a surprise for another player to beat the French striker.

Benzema has scored 38 goals so far in 38 official games this season.

He currently has the most goals (12 Goals) in the UEFAC Champions League. Highest goal scorer so far.

Nobody comes close to him right now
This is a great feat any player would find difficult to catch up with and it’s obvious he’s the favorite for the Ballon D’Or prize.

Now, here are our questions for you all

Do You Think There’s Another Player Who Can Beat Benzema To Win The World Best Player?

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