I wrote in my diary, I would become a Hollywood star

Famous skit maker, Amarachi Amusi known well as Ashmusy has disclosed how wrote in her diary about becoming a Hollywood star and famous.


According to the skit maker and comedian, she foresaw her future when she was age 16. According to her, she knew she would be a famous person in the future.

In a recent interview, she said:

β€œIn my diary as a 16-year-old, I wrote that I would become a star in Hollywood. That was even my dream. I am a very ambitious person. I have always known that I would be a very big star, and I am just starting. Acting is a talent for me. I can kill any role you give me any time, any day. It is a huge talent that I have not even started showing off yet because it’s crazy in there.”

Speaking about her thoughts on having liposuction or cosmetic surgery, Ashmusy said;

β€œFirst of all, I am not huge on cosmetic surgery. I had it just once and it was Liposuction, which is no longer a big deal to anyone anymore. It is just taking out fat from your tummy. I am not huge on it like you say. It just trended at a time. I am indifferent about it. I am not too keen. If you want to do it to gain your confidence and gain that good look, it’s fine.

β€œIf you don’t want to, and simply want to exercise or love your body the way it is, it’s also fine. I am glad I did mine and I am good. To me, fashion means looking good in your own kind way. Looking good is good business basically. I like to look hot, sexy, and chicky – it depends on the event. I really like to look good and slay to the highest.”


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