I stopped wearing exposing outfits after being mistaken for runs girl – Ashmusy

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Ashmusy, a popular sketch maker and influencer, discusses how she had to rebrand herself and stop wearing costumes that revealed her body after being mistaken for a run girl.

Ashmusy claimed in a podcast conversation with Phyna that displaying her body in her videos caused people to perceive her as a sort of runs girl.

She said:

“Before I rebranded a few months ago, I used to wear sexy outfits. As a young girl, one would want to show one’s body. I did not know that I was being perceived as a prostitute. Meanwhile, I knew how much I was working behind the camera, running a business, and shooting adverts every day. With all of that, I was able to buy a car and house. It pained me when people insinuated that those things were bought for me by a man.”

Ashmusy stated that she had to step back and attempt to figure out why people regarded her as such, and after watching her videos, she realised it was due of her revealing clothing.

She stated that she felt she was being fun and goofy for her audience, unaware that their minds were elsewhere.

Her words are:

“I was later in my quiet zone, thinking about why I was being judged that way, despite all my works that they people were seeing. I then started watching my videos, seeing that most times my body was exposed, with my nipples even showing. I was being goofy, but I did not know that people had been looking at something else. I have realised that if one wants to be seen as a prestigious woman, one has to dress accordingly. One cannot be showing (sensitive) parts of one’s body.”

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