I should swallow balloon…?, Go listen to someone else – Simi blows hot as fans demand she change her sound

Simisola Kosoko aka Simi, a Nigerian musician, has had a disagreement with a fan about her music.

Singer Simi shares how she found out about her poor eyesight were bad

She took to social media to post a video of herself singing one of her new songs on the X platform.

A fan who saw the video begged her to modify her voice.

The fan @Zeebaby_X said,  “Girlll switch it up a bit… change your sound.

“Your hubby changes his sound and it’s amazing to see. Do the same you’re too good to be doing basic shit.”

Other fans responded in the comments area, agreeing with her.

Angered by the conversation sparked by her comment, Simi wrote, “Lol you people see I’m minding my business yea? Alright alright Zeebaby, talk to me. Tell me the last say… 10 songs I’ve put out and let’s dissect. Which ones sound the same? Then tell me how your faves are doing it different/better than me. Or perhaps u want me to change my genre? Or I should use more lamba? Or is it my voice? It’s too soft or sweet or sharp for you? I should swallow balloon for diversity? We’re not fighting. I honestly want your feedback. Direct me. Help me Zeebaby.”

In another post, the singer advised listeners who disliked her songs to listen to other performers.

She stated that British artist Adele performs the same sort of music, but her followers do not protest.

She wrote, “Omo because I’m doing girl next door, some of you think maybe I’m ok like that. If you don’t like my song, please go and listen to your faves. I’m begging. If it’s the features you want to allow yourself acknowledge my talent, hear that one and be going.

“Na the same ballad Adele dey sing all these days, her people no disturb am. E fi mi sile. If you don’t like what I’m selling, go and listen to the one you like. Unless you don’t have data. And if you don’t have, owo e lo wa ku si.”

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