“I felt her pain” – baby mama of former NURTW chairman Musiliu Akinsanya accuses him of threatening her life

  • Maria Omo VC, the baby mama of former NURTW chairman Musiliu Akinsanya, accuses him of threatening her life.
  • Maria, in a video, expressed bitterness and blame for MC Oluomo’s actions, claiming he sent gunmen after her and demanding accountability in case of her death.

The baby mother of former NURTW chairman Musiliu Akinsanya, also referred to as MC Oluomo, Maria Omo VC, charges him of threatening her life.

Maria was heard sobbing vehemently in a video that went viral and claimed that the transport chairman wanted her life and her child.. She said that he ordered gunmen after her and declared that MC Oluomo should be held responsible if anything happened to her.

Maria Omo VC purportedly claimed that some people threatened to murder her and throw her body over the Third Mainland Bridge soon after MC Oluomo’s purported threat.

She could be heard saying, “Since I’ve been without, I don’t have peace and a long life. I am scared for my life; you asked them to kill me. if you kill me, don’t kill my child. If anything happens to me or my child, Nigerians hold MC Oluomo.”

See some reactions:

Abi Abbey said, “Why did she get pregnant for Oluomo in the first instance? I wonder why my génder like stressing themselves.”

Adeola Oladejo opined, “I felt her pain, no one is above mistakes in life. At least, she has a child for him, why torment her life? It is well.”

Ak One Official penned, “You know the kind of people he is but you got attracted to him. Now e don sour, you are now calling us. What do you want us to do now?”

Bigma Mush reacted, “She knew he was an urchin and still dated him, now she is crying.”

Amadiels stated, “Whose concern is this? Let her go and face him squarely. When you were sleeping around with him and he was raining money on you, who did you help?”

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