“I Didn’t Know Him” Otile Brown Denies Chasing Clout With Brian Chira’s Funeral

Otile Brown had a brief chance to perform at the funeral  of the late Brian Chira. It wasn’t easy for him as the crowd was hysterical.

The performance was marred by chaos, but he beat all odds to perform One Call, a song that Chira loved to heart.

A section of Kenyans however accused Otile Brown of using Chira’s funeral to get traffic, as he is currently promoting his new album, in what many said it was clout.

The singer has however shut down the allegations saying that he went to Chira’s funeral to show nothing but love.

According to him, he neither knew Chira nor had they met before. Otile Brown that the deceased TikTok sensation was just brought to his attention by fans.

“What  does my album got to do with the deceased. If you know me you I am  just showing nothing but love at the end of the day. I don’t even know the guy and its the attention that was brought to me by the fans,” he said in an interview with Kenya Online Media.

Otile Brown added  that, “One day  I was doing a live with a Tanzanian blogger and the comments were going crazy ‘yoh make sure after interview you sing the song.’ and it was brought to my attention about this guy. I have never spoken to him, I have never met him but after doing a little research on social media I realized he was a huge fan of my song and right now if you go to YouTube and check one call all the comments are about him. It is not me doing anything, I am not even involved its just people and people insisting just go and show love. Normally watu wanavyonijua they know I never come out.”

Otile said that even if he wouldn’t have attended the funeral, nothing would have changed about the comments or the views that the song was currently receiving.

“I think it is funny that people would think that. When you are making such a statement what do you want? Do you want me not to show up totally so what can happen?” he wondered.

On whether he would go and perform at another of his fan’s funeral in future Otile said that it would depend  because he has a lot of fans.

“It doesn’t meant ati sasa kila mtu amefariki lazima niende kuna vitu vingine ni logic. Sometimes I see such comments nashangaa tu how some people are reasoning. I saw some people saying I should have shown him love when he was alive I was like should I go to every fan now and show love before they are gone? It is life, it happens and this is how we can show love, we have made his funeral memorable,” he said.


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