How a Fan gave me s3x toy as gift – BBNaija Doyin

  • Doyin stated that she was gifted s3x toy after she talked about it in an interview
  • Shs stated that she didn’t find it offensive but rather found it really hilarious

Former BBNaija housemate Doyinsola Anuoluwapo David, popularly known as Doyin opens up on the most ridiculous thing a fan has ever gifted her.

Doyin revealed that a fan had given her a s3x toy as a gift.

She revealed this in a viral interview with content creator, Emcoy.

Doyin revealed that even though the person was actually trying to be funny by giving her such an unexpected present, she was also taken aback by the unusual gesture.

During the interview, the host asked: “What’s the weirdest gift you’ve ever received from a fan?”

Doyin replied: “The weirdest gift I’ve gotten from a fan is a sex toy. Somebody sent me a sex toy. I’m not gonna lie. I’m not making this up. I’m serious.

“Somebody actually sent me a sex toy after the sex toy interview came out. They were trying to be funny. I thought that was really hilarious.”

recall that Doyin stirred controversy last year after she claimed in a podcast that sex toys are more satisfying than most men.

In another story, Doyin opens up on why she no longer goes to church, citing recent scandalous incidents involving pastors as a major factor.

The revelation comes on the heels of a post on Instablog detailing a shocking case in the United States where a pastor allegedly stole $1.3 million from church members, justifying the act by claiming divine instruction.

Expressing her dismay, Doyin David responded to the pastor’s audacious comment.

She pointed out the disturbing trend of members continuing to support leaders despite clear wrongdoing.

The BBNaija star asserted that such incidents are the primary reason for her decision to stay away from church.

She went on to express that attending church nowadays almost feels like embracing foolishness.

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